Pennies for Peace Campaign

Pennies for Peace CampaignProject Update: Our MLA school, completed only a year ago, is the "Batangi Girls and Boys School in Batangi, Pakistan.

The Central Asia Institute Task Force is promoting the "Pennies for Peace" campaign as outlined on the website (Go to the bottom of the page and click on the logo that takes you to pages of information about the campaign.) The registration form has been filed so mention Job #12-Montana Library Association when making a donation. We want to start the campaign now or as soon as you can have it run until the annual conference in late April.

To make it easy to promote this project, a sample press release, suggestions for getting started and photos are posted to the Montana Library Association web site. The Pennies for Peace logo can be put on a collection container. Other pictures from the CAI website can be used in promotion by crediting the Central Asia Institute.

Even if you did not get to hear Greg's rousing speech at MLA in Bozeman, we are hoping you will help promote literacy programs through this Institute. Page 8 of the October 2004 Focus gives information on the project. If any school, public, academic, or other library makes this a worthwhile promotion, our group would nominate their work to the proper committee for the media award in the spring. The guidelines for the media award are: The award is conferred to honor a production for broadcast or a work for publication which best underscores the value of libraries to community and society. This includes works prepared for television, radio, cable, film and/or print media. News articles/programs and documentaries also qualify.

Students as well as interested adults in the community could work on promoting this Montana Library Association project. They would have until next spring to complete the media project promoting the value of libraries to community and society (in the global arena) by publicizing MLA's Central Asia Institute project. This would be a good cooperative project between the different libraries as schools/academic have a captive audience but public/special libraries have a much broader and diverse audience to draw from. Media materials could be used in future years if the Association elects to continue this project.

The project can be started at any time. Now would be a good time to promote the project as the beginning of the "giving" season. The holiday season is good time to help people less fortunate than ourselves. The award that Greg recently received from Rocky Mountain College and the news coverage in the Billings Gazette make this project seem even more meaningful. Please mention Job #12, Montana Library Association, when sending in your donations.

For more information, please contact:

Norma Glock
Central Asia Institute Task Force Chair
Columbus Middle School
415 W 3rd St N
Columbus, Montana 59019
(406) 322-5375 

Nancy Venable
Central Asia Institute Interest Group Co- Chair
Sunnyside Intermediate School
601 14th St
Havre, Montana 59501
(406) 265-9671