Montana Libraries Public Service Announcement

Two items:

1. We're finding most folks are able to enjoy this library promo film clip if:

We have learned that Macs can't use this file. We think we can fix the problems on our end that are inhibiting Macintosh workstations from reading the file, and we'll test our fix and let you know what we find. After we fix the Mac-related problems on our end, Mac users will still probably need to download the Mac version of Windows Media Player. Copies of this are available here.

2. VCR copies of this video are available from Randy Ammon. I asked if he could make copies and he said: "Sounds great! The last batch of dubs went for $12.50 each, but we can knock that back to $10.00 if no postage is required...". So if you want a VCR version of this video, let Randy know and Bette will exchange the tape for a sawbuck. Randy's email address (to order copies of the tape (or say "Awesome, Dude!") is:

Questions? Contact me at the address below.


Bruce Newell (The Fluke of URL)
Montana Library Network

Montana State Library
PO Box 201800
Helena, Montana 59620-1800
voice (406) 444-9816
voice (800) 338-5087 in Montana
fax (406) 444-5612

FYI - the State Library has a 3/4" broadcast version of this tape available for interlibrary loan if you'd like to use it for broadcast on your local television station at any time.  Title is "Montana Libraries PSA"

Also, Missoula Public Library has two VHS copies available for ILL.  MLA purchased these videos for the purposes of ILL.