1. Reimbursement of Conference Workshop Presenters
    (Adopted: November 10, 1994)

    1. The Montana Library Association does not pay travel expenses to Association members or other Montana library and information professionals who plan and present MLA continuing education workshops. These individuals may request and receive an honorarium of $30.00 per presenter, not to exceed $90.00 total per session, and with the restriction of no more than one $30.00 honorarium per presenter per conference. At the discretion of the Conference Planning Committee Chair and with prior approval, these individuals may receive reimbursement for production of workshop handouts and/or other printed material. A note in the annual conference program should make note of the professional service offered by these individuals and express the Association’s appreciation. For example:

      Montana library and information professionals who plan and present MLA continuing education workshops are volunteers in service to our profession. Their generous contributions of time, talent and energy make this and every MLA conference a success. We appreciate their work!

    1. Association members or other Montana library and information professionals are expected to register for the conference if they plan to participate in conference activities.
    2. Out-of-state presenters and in-state presenters who are not library and information professionals will be compensated for reasonable travel expenses and an appropriate fee, if required by the presenter or speaker. The Association will reimburse presenters for either the lowest round trip airfare or round trip mileage at State of Montana rates. Reasonable honoraria, in lieu of a fee, may also be paid to certain presenters, if appropriate, and at the discretion of the President and/or the Conference Planners.
    3. The Association will reimburse in-state presenters for the actual cost of hotel expenses, if the Conference Planners determine that an overnight stay is necessary. The Association will reimburse out-of-state presenters the actual cost of hotel expenses required as a result of booking lowest rate air fare.
    4. The Association will pay $30 per diem for meals for out-of-state presenters.
    5. The Association will waive the registration fee ($125) for MPLA and PNLA presidents who attend the annual conference. Attendees will pay for meals they choose to attend.
    6. The Association will not provide complimentary meal tickets to presenters. Presenters must purchase conference meal tickets if they wish to attend conference meal functions.
    7. Out-of-state presenters will not be required to pay the conference registration fee. They may participate in all conference activities and functions, except those that are ticketed separately.
    8. When the annual conference is held jointly with another association, the Conference Planners may need to negotiate policies regarding reimbursement for conference workshop presenters which are acceptable to both associations.
    9. The total amount of compensation to be paid to a presenter will be negotiated by Conference Planners and approved by the President. For accounting purposes it is desirable to negotiate a lump sum payment, alleviating the need to write more than one check. The lump sum will include travel expenses, per diem for meals, fee or honorarium, and any other expenses to which the parties have agreed.
    10. Compensation paid to a presenter will be outlined in detail in a written agreement executed by the Conference Planners and the presenter.
  2. Conference Refund Policy
    (Adopted: November 10, 1994)
    (Updated: June 11, 2013)

    1. The Conference Planning Committee may approve requests for refunds due to cancellation up until 14 days prior to the first day of the conference. Such requests for refunds must be in writing and directed to the Conference Planning Committee A$25.00handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount. Credit Card refunded amount will be after transaction fees are deducted and will be by check only.
    2. Requests for refunds due to cancellation or change of plans will not be approved if made after the date stated in Section 1, except that the Conference Planning Committee has the discretion to approve requests for refunds due to cancellations caused by medical emergencies or death in the immediate family. Such requests must be in writing and directed to the Conference Planning Committee. A $25.00 handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
    3. Without exception, requests for refunds made more than 30 days after the last day of the conference will be not approved.
    4. Appeal may be made to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for review of refund decisions made by the Conference Planning Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.
  3. Equipment
    (Adopted: November 10, 1994) 

    1. The Montana Library Association will arrange for provision of standard equipment for conference workshops, such as podiums, microphones, flip charts, overhead projectors, laptops and in addition to Internet access.
    1. The Montana Library Association cannot guarantee computer equipment and peripherals that may be required by individuals presenting conference workshops, although conference planners will make every effort to provide necessary equipment. The designated equipment representative will do their best to find and provide requested equipment. All types of computer equipment should be made available to presenters. When computer equipment is provided by conference planners, presenters will be encouraged to bring their presentations on USB drives so equipment does not need to be swapped out between sessions.
  4. Complimentary Meals
    (Adopted: November 10, 1994) 

    1. The following guidelines will be followed in providing complimentary meal tickets:
      1. Each award winner will receive two complimentary tickets for the Awards Luncheon. The Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee will notify the Conference Planners of the names of the award winners as soon as they have been selected. The Conference Planners will coordinate with the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee to work out the details of delivering the tickets to the award winners.
      2. The Association will not provide complimentary meal tickets to presenters. Presenters must purchase conference meal tickets if they wish to attend conference meal functions.
      3. The Association will provide a complimentary meal ticket to an individual who is a speaker for that meal.
      4. The Association will provide complimentary meal tickets to distinguished guests at the discretion of the President, in consultation with the Conference Planning Committee.


  1. President
    1. Appoint the Chair and the members of the Conference Planning Committee. Serve as an ex officio member of the Conference Planning Committee.
    2. Select the theme and logo of the conference and keynote speaker and serve on the program selection committee.
    3. Prepare the conference budget in consultation with the Conference Planning Committee Chair and the Executive Director. Present the conference budget to the Budget Committee for approval. The conference budget process must incorporate setting fees for registration and exhibitors. The Board of Directors must approve these fees.
    4. The President is responsible for assuring that a resolution is written and presented at the final business meeting of the conference, thanking all those members who assisted with the conference. The President is also responsible for ensuring that, promptly after the close of the conference, thank you letters are sent on behalf of the Association to those individuals, firms, and organizations noted on the list compiled by the Conference Planner.
  2. Executive Director
    1. Assist in preparing the conference budget in consultation with the President and the Conference Planning Committee. Coordinate with the Conference Planning Committee Chair and the Conference Planners on conference financial matters.
    2. Serve as an ex officio member of the Conference Planning Committee.
      1. Collect fees from exhibitors and provide information as necessary
    3. Coordinate with the Conference Planners to make arrangements for handling membership dues
      that may be collected at the Registration Desk.
  3. Conference Planning Committee
    1. Plan and coordinate conference continuing education workshops, seeking input from division chairs, interest group chairs, committee chairs, and others.
    2. The Committee is responsible for administering the conference budget in consultation with the Executive Director.
    3. The Committee has the responsibility of arranging the welcome reception location, selecting speaker gifts and seeking volunteers within the local community to take responsibility for executing the following functions as described in following sections: registration table volunteers, meal ticket collections, vendor assistance and publicity.
    4. Prepare a list of local restaurants for inclusion in Conference Registration Packets.
    5. Gather “favors” and/or brochures and other material from local businesses and/or libraries and/or exhibitors for inclusion in the Conference Registration Packets.
    6. Plan and make arrangements for tours of interest to conference participants.
    7. Prior to the conference, send press releases to local radio stations, television stations, and newspapers. Coordinate with local media who may wish to visit and report on the conference.
    8. Prior to the conference, send press releases to statewide newspapers and FOCUS, highlighting major speakers and programs.
    9. At the conclusion of the conference, prepare and distribute press releases reporting on the conference.
    10. In preparing press releases for newspaper, make special mention of Association officers and conference speakers from the geographical area of each newspaper’s readership.
    11. The Conference Planning Committee are the authoritative source for all information about the conference and should be noted in all press releases as the contact for further information.
  4. Internet Technician and Equipment Subcommittee
    1. Help set up and dismantle computer lab.
    2. See that equipment is in working order before each workshop.
    3. Before each session, check that rooms are properly equipped. (flip charts, microphones, panel tables in place)
    4. Change signs for all meetings and workshops.
  5. Meals Subcommittee
    1. Take tickets at meals and report the count to Conference Planners
  6. Exhibits Subcommittee
    1. Local Exhibits Subcommittee members should be present when exhibits are set up, and during all times that the exhibits are open, to answer questions and assist as necessary.
    2. The Exhibits Subcommittee should coordinate with the Conference Planners to ensure that Registration Packets are distributed to all exhibitors.
  7. Conference Planners
    1. Work with Executive Director, President and Conference Committee to finalize conference budget
    2. Create program proposal form with deadlines
    3. Send out call for proposals in August to Wired and post on MLA website
    4. Schedule program selection meeting, assign CE credits for programs, discuss speaker gifts
    5. Work with Montana State Library to secure computer lab
    6. Work with Conference Committee to plan tours and Welcome Reception and finalize speaker gifts
    7. Develop conference daily schedule, make room assignments, schedule workshops, contact workshop speakers with contracts, contact paid speakers with contracts
    8. Contact non-program speakers with regrets email
    9. Confirm speaker travel/lodging needs, book rooms for speakers and President
    10. Select conference meals, complete registration form, speaker bios, and program descriptions, obtain Welcome letter from President, forward all information to webmaster to build conference website
    11. Contact Interest Group chairs with room assignments
    12. Set up registration database
    13. Select and contact potential corporate sponsors
    14. Contact vendors with conference information, contact potential vendor sponsors
    15. Determine equipment needs for each workshop and speaker
    16. Assign vendor spaces
    17. Order registration materials, design and print meal tickets
    18. Contact OPI and complete paperwork for OPI education credits, print OPI workshop form and OPI certificates
    19. Send out vendor reminder in mid-February
    20. Begin preparing and compiling registration materials
    21. Invite area legislatures
    22. Close early registration first week in March
    23. Set up schedule for registration workers, with Conference Committee select IT volunteer, registration workers and other committee volunteers
    24. Purchase speaker gifts, send conference schedule to printers for folders and posters
    25. Contact MLA members for facilitator duties and assign facilitators to workshops
    26. Prepare room signage
    27. Print speaker and vendor thank you cards
    28. Contact preconference speakers with workshop counts
    29. Contact hotel with meal counts
    30. Pay hotel, speaker and any additional conference bills
    31. Submit conference reports to Board
    32. Prepare final financial statement for inclusion in Executive Director’s Yearly Report
    33. Contact subsequent Conference Planning Committee with relevant informationRevised January 2018