• The Executive Committee also serves as the Budget Committee. The Secretary-Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Budget Committee. The Executive Director is an ex officio member of the Budget Committee.
  • The Executive Director assembles a primary budget with amounts requested from committees, representatives, officers, divisions, interest groups, independent contractors and any others requesting MLA funds for the upcoming year on or before May 15th and sends it to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer presents the preliminary budget to the Budget Committee for review and evaluation after May 15th and before June 1st .
  • The Budget Committee analyzes and prepares a proposed budget. The Secretary- Treasurer presents the proposed budget for a vote at the summer board meeting.
  • After approval of the proposed budget, the Executive Director notifies committees, representatives, officers, divisions, interest groups, independent contractors and any others requesting funds by September 1 of each fiscal year.

    Updated January 2018