Professional Development Committee

  1. This committee is responsible for enhancing the scope, quality, and availability of the Association's continuing education offerings and other professional development activities. This may include:
    1. creating an awareness of the importance of professional growth and development in the field of library service and the need for continuing education;
    2. implementing an assessment of continuing education needs;
    3. coordinating and planning state continuing education program opportunities, in cooperation with the Conference Planning Committee when necessary;
    4. serving as a link with national, regional, and state associations and agencies charged with continuing education responsibilities by collecting and disseminating materials, information and services;
    5. evaluating continuing education activities, including implementing methods to assure high quality workshops at annual conferences and other Association sponsored continuing education events.
  2. The committee is also responsible for administering the award of the Association's Conference Grants, Professional Development Grants and Leadership Institute Grants. As part of this function, the committee is responsible for developing and publicizing guidelines for the award of such grants, including criteria for selection to receive a grant. The current grant guidelines are located at Monies to fund the grants should be included in the committee's annual budget request.
  3. The Professional Development Committee Chair shall serve as an ex officio member of the Conference Planning Committee.